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Optimise press is the latest relase from the fantastic designer James Dyson. Now it does not have anything to do with optimising a press reales, this is a fantastic wordpress theme that allows you to easily and quickly create squeeze pages that convert like crazy. So forget about all those other faddy options such as optimise newspaper articles, optimise books. etc. Optimise press is where it is at. James has done a lot of testing to ensure that all of the graphics and the layout are based on solid facts. This tool will increase your conversions. So is it better than all those other products on the market. Well I believe that it is. Optimise press… is that something like optimise press release? No. Not at all. How about Kajabi? Well is is a lot cheaper than that and just as effective. Optimise press is the most amazing game changer in this industry for a long time and iI strongly suggest that you get your hands on it ASAP.